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SINOVIEW is one of the leading e-learning and m-learning service providers in China. Its high-caliber teams, the intersection of unique Eastern and globalized perspectives can offer you high-quality well-rounded services.

SINOVIEW is one of the few fast-growing e-learning companies in China. It has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, and North America (San Diego). With great familiarity with the largest educational and training market—China, we are making big strides into the world. In the past two years, SINOVIVEW has been growing 100% per year.

SINOVIEW is a company with highly-rated customer services. Among its 100+ customers, 60% are top 500 companies in the world, and 20% are government agencies and exemplary research institutions. The high customer satisfaction rate (95%) builds a great momentum for SINOVIEW’s continuous and expansive growth.

SINOVIEW is also an organization with ambitions and innovations:

Our mission is to continuously create values for our customers.

We are willing to share our success with our business partners.

We also take great responsibilities in creating a bright future for our employees.

Services We Provide:


We are the early practitioners of MOOCs in China. Our goal is to provide opportunities for the general public to develop their knowledge, through professionalized social learning.

Consulting for Human Resources Development

Our unique DASAS approach can provide all e-solutions for human resources development in industries.

Course Design and Development

In the past 9 years, SINOVIEW has designed and developed about 3,000 courses for industries and government agencies in China. We became the leader in the digitalized learning arena of China.

Commercialized Courses

In the past 9 years, SINOVIEW has developed and sold more than 5,000 e-learning courses, and contributed greatly to the growth of e-learning in China.

Mobile Learning (m-Learning)

SINOVIEW also specializes in mobile learning systems and content development. In 2013, SINOVIEW provided m-Learning-based SAAS service, and is again acclaimed as the fore-front runner of m-Learning in China.

Technology and Tools

SINOVIE is always up-to-date with the newest development in courseware design. Our teams of experts can provide training and consulting on tools for courseware development in all industries.

Outsourcing and Offshoring

Based on its success and high ratings from customers, SINOVIEW can provide a variety of low-cost and high ROI outsourcing and offshoring services for organizations around the world.

Contact Information

China Headquarter:

Customer Service:(+86)400-860-5086



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